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Lone Palmetto
English Shepherd


'PR' Lone Palmetto Jeb Stuart
Sire: 'PR' Boykin's Buddy (UKC) 
Dam: 'PR' Boykin's Panda (UKC)
PennHIP .30/.30 (6/07), MDR1 - Normal/Normal, CERF - Normal (7/07)


Jeb was bred by Neil Boykin in Bethune, SC. He is UKC 'PR' registered and ESCR registered. Jeb is our only 'PR' (Purple Ribbon) Registered dog through UKC. He comes from a long line of UKC registered stock. His background includes the Guy Wilson line and several offshoots of that line of dogs. We look forward to seeing what Jeb brings in the future. He is beginning to exhibit guarding instincts as well as some herding instinct. Jeb is a 'level' headed dog, especially for his young age. He understands when we ask him to work and when it's time to relax or back off. He seems eager to follow our instructions. We look forward to working with Jeb as a farm dog. We have begun working with Jeb in flyball training and hope to participate in UKC conformation.

Pedigree of " 'PR' Lone Palmetto Jeb Stuart"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

'PR' Boykin's Buddy (UKC)      


'PR' Dunn's Duke II (UKC)

 'PR' Dunn's Duke (UKC)
'PR' Coley's Bell (UKC)
'PR' Ward's Duchess (UKC) 'PR' Hamlet's Wilson (UKC)
'PR' Coley's Boots (UKC)


'PR' Boykin's Panda (UKC)

'PR' Bond 007 (UKC) 'PR' Dunn's Duke II (UKC)
'PR' Ward's Duchess (UKC)
'PR' Miss Money Penny (UKC) 'PR' Amelia's Bonnie Laddie Benjamin (UKC)
'PR' Ivy (UKC)

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Email: Stacy/Michael Atkinson
SC  29069
Ph: 843-319-8734

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