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Siberian Husky India
Siberian Husky

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Welcome to the Internet presence of Siberian Husky India. We are located at New Town, Kolkata. West Bengal. We have been owned by Four Very adorable Siberian Husky’s, Alsaa and Thor since 2016, Fenrir and Freyja in July 2018 and Zeus would be joining later this month. We are a small “Hobby Kennel” and shall focus on dedication to the preservation of the Siberian breed along with our acquainted friends and families owning this wonderful breed. We would on a later stage try and include in our family the beautiful and adorable “Alaskan Malamute” Siberian Husky India is a family owned and family run kennel. Rahul, Rishabh, Renee and Rahim are personally involved in the care and maintenance of the Five Husky Sibe’s (Husky Sibe, Chukcha and Chuksha are the other names for a Siberian Husky). Our primary focus goes to try to ensure preservation of this beautiful breed in which has been brought over to India and to ensure puppy purchasers / adopters take home a quality puppy which is health checked for cataracts and hip dysplasia. All of these tests shall be made available to the prospective puppy purchaser or adopter. While at home all our Sibe’s have complete house access and a sufficient play area to be the silly Siberians they are! Our Sibe’s are integrated into one pack which includes us humans too! Currently our breeding program is small and as mentioned earlier, focused. Our number one priority is to produce a puppy that is healthy and happy, well socialized, and with a balanced temperament. After all regardless of the job they are asked to do, a dog is a member and should be treated as member of your family for many years and without these traits, your chances of experiencing all the joys of a dog, ‘The Husky Sibe / Siberian Husky’ in particular. We anticipate on average six to ten litters a year. The puppies shall be whelped in our home, socialized by us, our family & friends. They shall be exposed to all as early as 16 days old and when the time comes (45 day’s minimum as they need to grow up having their mother’s milk) they would be ready, healthy and strong enough for their forever homes. They would then hone the skills to succeed with their new family pack. We would not permit ‘Inbreeding’ (for the first time in India we are trying for DNA Test’s of the Sire and Dam to ensure you of no inbreeding taking place) and we would not give any one family a pair (Male and Female) unless the puppies are of separate lineage. We at our end shall try to stop the practice adopted by most people who are simply out to destroy the breed for want of making money. Making India Proud and the State of West Bengal even Prouder! Enjoy your visit to the Siberian Husky India!

West Bengal  700156




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